Is Lifelock Effective?

Is Lifelock Effective?

I tend to receive this inquiry more frequently than any other on my blog about identity theft: “Does Lifelock work?”Why I think it does is explained in this article.

In today’s security forums, it appears like a common question is “Does Lifelock work? ” To respond, let’s look at a few official numbers. The government estimates that for every million Americans, 30 000 will become victims of identity theft.

Less than 80 of Lifelock’s over one million customers have so far needed to use their guarantee. Those numbers, in my opinion, pretty much indicate beyond a doubt that Lifelock is effective, but if not,Guest Posting there is still more.

How does the Lifelock function?

Lifelock functions by adding fraud alerts on your behalf to your credit reports. This implies that if a company checks your credit, a red flag is raised, and you are informed. When someone applies for credit, a loan, a credit card, etc., credit checks are performed.

Lifelock also makes sure your name is taken off mailing lists because the less your information is disseminated, the lower the risk of it getting into the wrong hands.

In comparison to other identity theft protection firms, how effective is Lifelock?

Lifelock prevents identity theft whereas other identity theft protection firms, like IdentityTrust, monitor your credit and alert you to suspicious activity after the fact.

Because Lifelock places a fraud alert on your credit file, the only way someone could use your name fraudulently to obtain credit is if the company providing the line of credit did not conduct a credit check. However, given the current prevalence of identity theft—which is the fastest-growing crime in America—this is extremely unlikely to occur.

Do credit experts work with Lifelock because I’ve heard I can complete everything Lifelock performs on my own and save money?

Lifelock makes sure that your fraud alarms are activated at all times by using professionals who are fully aware of how the system operates. The three credit bureaus do not like you to post a fraud alert against your name, and they do not like it if you have your name removed from mailing lists because they get so much money from the selling of these lists.

They don’t make it simple for you to do it yourself because of this. Each alarm has a limited lifespan, so you must act quickly if you want it to be successful.

Like walking to work this morning, you could certainly complete the work yourself. Why walk when you have a car? And why attempt to safeguard your identity on your own when Lifelock can do it for just a few cents a day?

Could this be the solution to the initial query, Does Lifelock Work? It should have been “yes,” as Lifelock provides piece of mind.

They handle all communication with the credit bureaus on my behalf and provide me with a $1 million guarantee that everything has been done correctly and that my identity cannot be stolen.

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