How to Fix Error Code 1660 on a Canon Printer?

How to Fix Error Code 1660 on a Canon Printer?

The finest printer to use for printing crucial documents and pictures is a Canon. It can be used anywhere, whether at home, the Guest Posting Office, a school, or a store. However, it has a few recurring mistakes that cause you issues. Don’t panic if you encounter Canon printer error 1660 when printing crucial papers. For the professionals, it’s not a huge deal.

They will work with you to find quick solutions to all of your problems. You can try to fix this on your own by using the troubleshooting procedures before getting in touch with the specialists. Do not get anxious if the suggested troubleshooting steps cannot resolve your issue. The Canon printer support team will always provide you the finest advice and solutions for resolving this issue. Since the pros are always available, you may reach them at any moment using their toll-free number.

Factors that Cause Canon Printer Error Code 1660

This error has a number of possible reasons. You must understand the origins of this error if you want to eliminate it. Here are some of the typical causes of this error:

Installing the ink cartridges incorrectly.Cartridges for ink are missing.faulty or obstructed ink cartridges.You may have this error if the printing device is not qualified to recognize the ink tank.

The best ways to fix Canon Printer Error 1660

Keep calm while Canon printer error 1660 is displayed on the screen. Because it is not a particularly challenging error, you can easily resolve it. Below are a few quick and simple remedies that we mentioned in this section:

First, replace the ink cartridge.

This is a pretty straightforward fix for your issue. Reinstalling the ink cartridge will fix this issue. Follow the suggested solutions to achieve this.

Replace the printer lid first, and then verify that an ink cartridge’s red light is turned off. The cartridge was not correctly inserted, in which case. You must therefore insert it one more. After that, you must gently reinsert the cartridge after replacing it and waiting a short while. Make sure the protective orange cap is replaced from the ink cartridge’s bottom.Press the resume/cancel button to carry on with the printing procedure after that.

Alternative 2: Reset and clean the ink cartridges.

Ink cartridges should be cleaned and reset to factory defaults to resolve this issue if the aforementioned remedy does not work. Follow the instructions below to do this:

Turn off the printer and remove all of the printer’s wires to clean and reset the cartridges. After that, gently replace the ink cartridge by opening the lid. Re-insert it after cleaning it. Hold the reset button for a while after that.

When the connection between the printer and ink cartridge is made, you can now see a red light blinking. Click the reset key once again, hold it there until the green light begins to blink, and then let go of the button. The cartridge has now been successfully reset. To determine whether the process is successful or not, print a test page.


We hope the methods provided will assist you in fixing this issue. If you find that these methods are ineffective, get in touch with us right away to receive the best and most reliable fixes. We are here for you every day of the week to support you. You can reach us at +(1)-833-781-7339, the technical support number for Canon printers. On our official website, you may also send us an email.

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