Special Casing Pipe Types

Special Casing Pipe Types

The three types of regularly used buckles for tubing are EU, NU, and NewVam.

The tool shop carries all three of these sorts of buckles. The buckles’ look makes it challenging to tell the EU and NU apart.

Despite the fact that they are all triangular buckles,Guest Posting they can all be clearly identified from one another. NU denotes a lack of outward thickening.

One unique feature of the buckled casing pipe buckle is the coupling connection, which has a changeable buckle joint strength.

(2) Trapezoidal thread with high thread connection strength (8 teeth per inch for tubing and 5 teeth per inch for casing). (

3) Excellent threaded connection airtightness – Good stress concentration reduction due to the bimetal sealing structure. Sealed.

(4) Smooth the transition of the inner hole, increase flow effectiveness, and lessen erosion of the pipe wall.

(5) The thread has good anti-gluing performance.

The VAM FJL special buckle is part of the VAM series buckle and was created by the French company Valoric. Specifications of VAM FJL: Liners, medium depth casings, and decreased borehole tubing strings can be installed with strength clearance provided by 100% internal and exterior flat joints.

Applicable to tubing, casing, short-circuits, couplings, and connections with varying threads. Advantages: Improve the connection’s tightness and airtightness.

The high-sealing threads VAM series similar buckle thread, Hydril series similar buckle thread, drill pipe thread IF, REG, NPT, American standard thread, British standard thread, and other varieties of left-hand thread (reverse buckle) can all be processed by our company.

Introduction of the VAM series special buckle: France’s Valeric designed the VAM unique buckle, which has a thread type of sealed cone facing cone and a reverse 15-degree shoulder.

It has a wide range of applications and is the most often used type of special buckle due to its simple processing, practical design, and reliable performance.

The French business Valerick created and manufactured the NEW VAM special buckle, and unique buckles like the VAM ACE, VAMS, and VAMHW can be customized for various service environments.

The French company Valoric and the German company Mannesmann collaborated to create the VAM TOP unique buckle.

It performs well, has strong joints, and has good sealing power. Currently, it is a unique, high-quality buckle. Our business can handle VAM

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