Two Days in Bulawayo

Two Days in Bulawayo

This article will outline a few weekend-friendly activities that visitors to Bulawayo can take part in.

Zimbabwe’s second-largest city is called Bulawayo. There are almost a million people living in this lovely metropolis. Worldwide travelers come to Zimbabwe. Because of the plentiful wildlife, the nation draws tourists.

One of the few places on earth where travelers may enjoy a true African safari vacation is Zimbabwe. Visitors come to this unique nation to view the Big Five. The African elephant, the African lion, the Cape buffalo, the leopard, and the rhinoceros make up the “Big Five.”

This is one of the few sites on earth where visitors may view such amazing animals free-ranging rather than confined in zoo enclosures. Bulawayo is frequently the city from which visitors to Zimbabwe arrive. This article will outline a few weekend-friendly activities that visitors to Bulawayo can take part in.

Going on a game drive is the major pastime that visitors to Bulawayo enjoy. Visitors are driven out of the city after being picked up from their hotel. Hwange National Park is located about 100 kilometers away. Here, visitors can have fantastic safari adventures.

There is a very high likelihood that visitors will observe something extraordinary and unusual taking place in nature during a game drive. Many visitors eagerly anticipate witnessing a kill.

Watching a lion chase and capture its prey, for instance, is always interesting. There is no end to the variety of fascinating things that can be observed in nature.

The second enjoyable activity for visitors is rhino tracking. Visitors to Bulawayo frequently drive to Matopos Hills after leaving the city. The rhino population in this region is strong. The Zimbabwean military guards the rhinos in this national park.

Here, rhinos thrive under the watchful gaze of their guardians. Visitors get the opportunity to track rhinos with a knowledgeable guide. Despite being relatively huge creatures, rhinos can be quite elusive and hard to locate.

It is really gratifying to eventually locate and view this gorgeous animal after hiking a great distance and spending a lot of time in the bush.

Going on a dinner cruise is the third thing visitors to Bulawayo like to do. One option for tourists visiting Bulawayo is a trip down the Zambezi River. One of Africa’s biggest rivers is this one.

The variety of wildlife that resides in the Zambezi River and on its banks is what distinguishes it as a remarkable and one-of-a-kind river.

Visitors can enjoy seeing and observing creatures like lions and elephants as they drink from the river’s banks. A three-course lunch and beverages of their choosing are provided as guests take in the plentiful wildlife.

In conclusion, Zimbabwe is a stunning place to travel. Visitors will undoubtedly love visiting this distinctive region of Africa. One can engage in a variety of activities if they ever spend the weekend in Bulawayo.

Before beginning to prepare for some unforgettable activities, one would need to look for lodging in Bulawayo. It is advised for visitors to take a wildlife drive, go rhino tracking, and then take a dinner cruise.

Visitors can expect to observe a wide variety of wildlife when vacationing in this wonderful nation.

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