Function of Obesity

Function of Obesity

You would have to live in a cave if you were unaware of the huge increase in North American obesity rates. For the better part of the last five years, health issues have been heavily covered in the media.

The issue is that the message has generally fallen short of its intended audience. In 2004 there are more overweight persons than there were in 2003.

Children are growing at a rate that is comparable to that of their adult counterparts in terms of the number of diet-related health issues.

On the other hand,Guest Posting the health business has been exhibiting significant signs of expansion, with one in five men and one in four women currently participating in a diet.

In conclusion, North America as a whole is getting fatter even though individuals are actively aware of health and fitness concerns and are paying more than ever before on products and services to combat bad fitness.

Although it appears to be in contradiction, it is yet true. One reason is that most people strive to improve their health but give up because it is too difficult. They frequently don’t have the skills necessary for success or even the social support from friends and family.

However, given that, North America’s health situation is not good. Our culture indulges in binges to the extent that obesity is now seen as an epidemic. Epidemics historically have raged without being under the ready control of humankind.

Common examples of epidemics include cholera, typhus, and even “the plague,” or bubonic fever. In North America, we have allowed an epidemic of our own bad behaviors to spread. It’s a truly deplorable situation. Simply put, we are eating ourselves to death.

We have declared war on fat because it is that serious. An assault on fat. We will be able to do this somehow by using images of combat, military force, and violence.

Are we really that weak (pardon the pun)? Can we not be accountable for our own activities, including what we ingest? Fast food restaurants have recently been the target of lawsuits alleging that they deliberately sold dangerous products.

Although the lawsuit does not surprise me because it is in keeping with American culture, I am surprised that we are willing to admit that we cannot securely feed ourselves. In other words, by acting like a victim, we delegate blame to someone else.

The sad reality is that in North America, we have managed to transform the basic daily necessity of eating into a major public health problem. As a culture, we are starting to wonder why this occurred.

The blame is being placed on businesses that used processed foods to boost their profits at the expense of consumers’ health, on the emergence of “big box” food retailers that flood the media with their advertisements encouraging us to eat, on the government for being so inactive and allowing obesity to become such a problem, and on budget cuts that result in the elimination of physical education programs from schools.

There are guilty parties to be found almost everywhere.While everything here may seem reasonable—after all, recovery can only begin once the offender is identified—this kind of thinking strips us of our uniqueness and integrity.

We are essentially defining ourselves as inadequate if we delegate control of such fundamental things as our meals to others.

Obesity is indeed on the rise. Yes, we need to take drastic measures to stop the expansion of our waistlines. However, we are the only ones truly to responsible for this. No one, with the exception of a select few, makes you consume anything.

The sole determinant of what you consume is your choice. Make a decision, and opt for good health. Be in charge of what you put in your body. Know how to make decisions about your own health and wellbeing.

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